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Ryemarkable Sarah Briginshaw

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Name: Sarah Briginshaw Name of Business: Sarza Store Length of time in business: 5 years Number of kids and ages: 2 children: One son, Yves who is 15 and one daughter, Ania, who is 12 Pets: Petunia, the Sarza shop dog Before starting this business, what was your career? I sourced product for the boutique stores within Singita Lodges. Why did you start your business? I have always been inspired by African design in all forms. Many of my friends from back home in South Africa are architects and interior designers. And I loved sourcing products for Singita Trading Store. Do you have other locations? No, Sarza is a stand alone store. You've moved across the street to a larger location, congrats! To what do you attribute your success during 2020? Success for Sarza actually just came in the form of organic growth and word of mouth. Building a business with good solid foundations. But we have also been fortunate to have been part of an industry that has seen growth due to families spending more time at home and thus investing in their homes. What do you love most about what you do now? Everything! The sourcing of products. Knowing that I am contributing to small businesses. And meeting diverse and wonderful new people every day. What's been the biggest challenge you've faced? The same as all start up businesses face - managing cash flow. The only way to overcome that is to manage your cash flow carefully. What is your best tip for fellow entrepreneurs? This is not for the faint heart but it is exhilarating and rewarding in so many ways Your website? Your Instagram? @Sarzastore Anything else you'd like to share? I am grateful to all our lovely clients who appreciate the value of buying products that are beautifully handcrafted with good intention, often supporting and empowering women. And for identifying with contemporary African design.

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