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Ryemarkable Laura Pellegrini

Number of kids and ages: 4 boys !! Ages 15,14,12 & 10

Current business position/career: Diagnostic imaging specialist for Greenwich Hospital and New York Presbyterian Hospital

Pets: 3 crazy cats adopted as babies from another Rye Mom

How did you get started in your career? Well I always knew I wanted to be in medicine but I never really wanted to become a nurse. While still in High School I joined the Volunteer Ambulance Corp in Mamaroneck. Going in and out of different hospitals everyday, I was exposed to all the different departments of patient care, that’s how I eventually landed in Radiology. When did you work in EMS? From 1987-2005 I stepped down from active duty after my 1st son was born.

To me working in EMS would be very stressful and scary. Why did you get started there? All of my friends at the time were either Police Officers, Firefighters or in EMS. At 16 years old you could join the Volunteer Ambulance Corps. There is a huge adrenaline rush when you work in Emergency Services, you never know what you are going to find when you get to the scene. That was very exciting to my 16 year old self. What was the most rewarding experience you had? Oh my gosh that’s a hard one! There are so many that stand out. But I have to say every time you save a life would have to be the most rewarding.

What did you love most about working in EMS? The Paramedics I worked with. We are all cut from the same cloth, we all have the same sense of humor, we all get it. We enter these patients lives when they are at their worse. They are vulnerable and scared. When you have a good crew working together it’s like a well oiled machine. We know what the other one wants before it’s even asked for. The efficiency, teamwork and trust we have for each other makes the patient feel more at ease and safe in our care. What did you have to do to start? First I had to be sponsored by an existing member of the Corps to be considered for membership and then be voted in. Committing to 40 volunteer hours per month. I started out as an attendant and then worked my way up the ranks. I took my first EMT class in 1989. What was the biggest challenge you’ve faced? Deciding to leave “The Field” after my first son was born. I recall the moment I knew it was time for a change. We got called to an overturned vehicle on I-95 one night around 3am. The driver was still upside down in the car being held there by his seatbelt. I was on Traction (meaning I was lying on my stomach, on the ground, holding the patient’s head and neck in alignment through the blown out drivers side window) . It was at that moment with the cars wizzing by in the next lane, about 18 inches away from my legs, that I said it’s time. With a new baby at home and a Husband on the police force, I realized one of us needed a safer job. How did you overcome that challenge? I moved from out “ In the Field” to in the hospital. Still in patient care but a much safer environment. Where are you now? Can you describe your current work? Diagnostic imaging specialist for Greenwich Hospital and New York Presbyterian Hospital. My main focus is Mammography at Greenwich and Orthopedic Surgery at NYP. The easiest way for me to describe my current work is that, we FIND all the problems and then we send the patient back to the physician to FIX all the problems. How has the virus impacted you/your work? We stopped doing screenings and all non- urgent cases for a while, but we are pretty much back up to full speed again. During the height of the pandemic our department was split up into all areas of the hospital. We worked wherever we were needed for direct patient care. What are some alternative careers you would have liked to have? I’m fascinated with the workings of airports and airplanes. So it probably would’ve been something in that field. I wanted to be an air traffic controller when I was younger. I think I’m fueled by chaos. Other fun details about you: Ive been told I tell great stories (especially about the Instapot!), have a passion for serving others, I'm a Boy Scout troop leader, cat hustler, Real estate mogul, chaser of a good laugh, and always a competitive chef.

Do you have advice regarding reinventing yourself? What do you think is important for other moms to know? It’s never too late to try new things or change careers . One thing I have learned is tomorrow is never promised so don’t waste a single day. If you are unhappy for the whole day, you never get that day back and it’s gone forever . Do what makes you happy and fulfilled.


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