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Ryemarkable Kim Mulcahy!

Name: Kim Mulcahy

Name of business: Sew Happy

Length of time in business: 7 years

Number of kids and ages: 1 aged 14

Pet: Black lab - Sadie age 7

Before I started this business, I had a career as: a wedding planner and restaurant manager

I started this business because: A friend asked me to teach her how to sew

What I love most about what I do now is: Being able to pass on my love of sewing to kids and adults in our area

To start this, I had to: convince myself that I could make a successful business out of teaching people how to sew

The biggest challenge I faced was: finding staff to help me grow Sew Happy

I overcame this challenge by: talking to friends to find local moms interested in working part time. I have been very lucky to find such a great team of amazing and talented women!

Having a business in Rye is great because: everyone is so supportive. Rye Rec is so accommodating. The Rye Record promotes Sew Happy and local stores are happy to display flyers. Rye Moms sign their kids up for our classes, camps, and private lessons, and they invite us into their homes to do sewing birthday parties.

My best tip for fellow entrepreneurs is: put your faith in a trusted mentor, someone with whom you can have nonjudgmental check-ins and who will nurture and help you. One of mine is my dad and the other, Natascha Feenstra, my wonderful lawyer.

I am so lucky that I love what I do. Even though there are challenges along the way, I love being my own boss and I’m exhilarated to be able to pass along my passion for sewing to kids and adults where we live!


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