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Ryemarkable Jackie Frederick-Berner!

Name: Jackie Frederick-Berner

Work: Meditation Instructor & Clean-Crafted Wine Consultant

Kids: Two boys (men!)—Benjamin, 25 & Theo, 22

Pets: Baxter the Beagle mix

Where did you start your career? I started in public relations as a corporate video producer. My job took me all across the country –from the cornfields of Iowa to the glaciers of Alaska (and LOTS of places in between). When my husband Paul and I decided to start a family, I shifted to freelance video and writing projects to be home with our kids. One of my proudest accomplishments is co-writing a book with an OBGYN and a doula called, The Birth That’s Right For You. I continue to fuel my passion for writing through blogging, taking classes and being part of a writers group comprised of some amazingly supportive and creative Rye writer friends.

How did you come to bring meditation and wine into the mix of what you do?

I’ve always been a seeker of personal growth and spiritual connection. Meditation was part of my life way before it was considered mainstream. Training to become a meditation instructor five years ago felt like a very natural extension of who I am. Same with becoming a clean-crafted wine consultant with Scout & Cellar. I’m very deliberate about eating foods that are pesticide and additive-free. Not only are they healthier, they’re better for the planet. And wine is no exception.

What do you love most about what you do? As a meditation instructor, I teach from the premise that we meditate not to get good at meditation, but to get good at life. I love helping my students experience how meditation opens us up to our senses and emotions and ignites that delicious internal spark we all have. I bring that same sense of mindfulness to wine tastings for clients. Swirling, smelling, sipping and savoring wine embrace the same sensory experiences that are honed during meditation –smell, sight, sound, taste and feel. By opening up our senses, we can fully appreciate the present moment –whether sitting in meditation or sitting with friends, sharing, laughing and enjoying a glass of delicious, organic wine.

How has the virus impacted what you do? Since March of last year, the meditation classes I teach at Wainwright House and SoulRyeders are being held online. Both organizations didn’t skip a beat in adapting to Covid restrictions especially during a time when the community needed meditation more than ever. Additionally, last summer Knapp House opened up its beautiful garden for a weekly, socially-distanced meditation. I’m really looking forward to continuing these meditations outside once the weather gets warmer. Along with lots of backyard wine tastings!

Do you have any advice for entrepreneurs? Don’t be afraid to mix it up when it comes to starting a second venture or even a side-hustle. It might be something you’ve never done before and have no experience with and that’s okay. If it’s calling to you, follow your instincts. You’re really smart. You’ll figure it out!

What are some alternative careers you would like to have? Poet, neuroscientist, fashion stylist, New York Times fact checker.

Instagram: @jfberner


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