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Ryemarkable Amory Wooden!

Tell us about your family:

Our growing family is myself, Amory, my husband Marc, our 6yo twins James and Leighton, our 4yo Quinn and our 4mo Juliette. Plus two dogs! Until 2020, we were a Brooklyn family with no plan of leaving, but the combination of Covid and the news of my pregnancy led us to Rye. We are so thrilled to be here and part of this welcoming and wonderful community. We love our neighbors and that our kids can run outside and play with friends who live around the corner. We look forward to our kids growing up in Rye Schools and making many more friends in the years ahead.

What was it like having a baby in 2020? Any particular challenges? Joys?

As a working mom, my co-workers were a big part of my last two pregnancies. They saw my belly grow, my waddle in the 3rd trimester and my incessant snacking. Working remotely during this pregnancy, even my closest work friends forgot I was pregnant as zoom didn't catch my belly. It was a strange feeling, but I also felt very lucky to not have to ride the subway in the summer heat to get to work each day! Delivering Juliette at Greenwich Hospital was a wonderful experience. Without the flow of visitors to L+D due to Covid, it was very quiet and calm, and allowed new moms the time and space to focus on their new baby. I can't say enough about the amazing nurses and experience at Greenwich Hospital.

What has 2020 taught you?

  • Slow down and appreciate all we have

  • Focus on happiness and don't sweat the small stuff

  • Surround yourself with people you love

  • A big family requires a big house ;-)


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