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Ryemarkable Allison Lopez!

Tell us about you and your family.

I was born in South America to an American mother and a Colombian father. My mother, a polyglot, always made us aware of the many advantages of speaking two languages. I was brought up in a bilingual household and moved to Vermont at the age of 8. My husband was born in Mexico and spent his formative years there. As a family, we have lived in the Midwest, New England, and NYC. While living in the City, we always enjoyed its cultural opportunities and vibrancy. Moving to Rye offered us access to NYC plus the benefits of living in a family-oriented community. We have come to cherish our life in Rye. We are now a family of six: three girls and our newest addition, Sebastian who joined us in May 2020.

What was it like having a baby in 2020? Any particular challenges? Joys? As much as this year has been difficult and unpredictable, Sebatian's arrival was a true joy. I feel that despite everything, things were in fact a lot easier for us. We were able to spend time together as a family, and the birth was a really good bonding experience. I had significant concerns regarding the birthing process having heard horror stories about mothers being isolated from their infants and having to wear a mask during delivery. Providentially, the experience was very positive and perhaps the best we have had. The care and attention of nurses and doctors was unparalleled, it showed me the resilience and determination of our community. It was a very positive thing; amidst the chaos, it was a breath of fresh air. An added plus was that I did not have to do any grocery shopping for 9+ months!

What has 2020 taught you? We have always been family-oriented, but 2020 allowed us to put things in perspective and to focus more on what matters to us. While there were periods of uncertainty, we feel fortunate that we retained our health and friends. I think that, for us, the take-to-heart message of 2020 is "health is wealth." Anything else you'd like to share? I want to give a shout out to Liz Woods. When we had Sebastian, she cooked a couple of meals for our family and went out of her way to ensure we were not in need of anything (material and otherwise). She has always been a supportive and understanding friend and represents the values for which the Rye community is known. We are delighted with the success she has had with Ryemarkable Moms. She is one of these very remarkable women herself!

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