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Social Media Marketing 



Sue Wexler,

Bread of Life

"Liz demystified the entire social media process and provided me with simple steps to follow. I especially loved her insights on knowing our goals, identifying pain points, and the strategy of a content calendar." 


Lorraine Artale,

Pigement Restoration

“After working with Liz Woods, my business has grown tremendously! In the first week, I was able to foster over ten business connections. Four of those connections led to face to face meetings and all four have hired me for my services! I've hit my client goal of 8 clients each month. You’ve helped this single mama to be financially secure.”


Rachelle Rayner,

Catskill Mountain Villas

"I was so impressed with the content of Liz’s class. Each tip she offered gave me the confidence to market my rental home in such a way that didn’t feel overwhelming. Within 4 days of taking her course I am thrilled to report that I’ve pulled in well over $500 through utilizing her strategies. If you are looking to up your social media game, I highly recommend getting in touch with Liz to schedule your session.
Thank you so much, Liz!"


Francesca Mountain,

Mountain & Sackett

“Liz provided me with a solid foundation for using social media for business. She offered amazing tips, advice, and recommendations! It was a pleasure working with her.” 

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